5 Factor Diet

Eva Mendez dietDieting is an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.  While many people know they should eat balanced meals and limit the amount of calories they consume, many have difficulties achieve this goal.  Following a detailed diet plan can help you stay focused on your weight loss goals while providing you great structure during your weight loss journey.  One of the more popular diet programs around right now is the 5 Factor Diet.

What is the 5 Factor Diet?

The 5 Factor Diet is a unique diet plan that promotes healthy eating while suggesting you consume five meals per day.  As a part of the diet plan, you are told to make sure each of your five daily meals consists of five elements – protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, fat and fluids.  If every meal you eat contains those five elements, you will be well on your way to eating a healthy diet on a regular basis.

In addition to making sure each meal consists of the above mentioned five elements, every meal associated with the 5 Factor Diet focuses on foods that are on the low end of the “glycemic index.”  By only eating foods that are at the low end of the glycemic index, you will be able to avoid certain foods that are known to spike your blood sugar, which can result in unwanted weight gain.  Also, low glycemic foods will help keep you feeling full for a longer period of time after you are don eating, which can help curb overeating.

While the meal plan is the main focus of the 5 Factor Diet, there is also an exercise portion to this particular diet plan.  During the day, dieters following the 5 Factor Diet are expected to perform five different exercises for five minutes each focusing on cardio and strength training.  This exercise aspect makes the 5 Factor Diet a bit different than traditional diet programs that only focus on eating healthy.  With a mix of healthy foods and steady exercise, followers of the 5 Factor Diet should see positive weight loss results.

Celebrities Using the 5 Factor Diet

As is the case with most dieting fads, celebrity endorsements help make them popular with the masses.  This is the case with the 5 Factor Diet as many notable celebrities have had success losing weight following this diet program.  Jessica Simpson, Eva Mendes, Megan Fox and Katy Perry are some of the more notable celebs that have followed this diet program created by fitness instructor and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

The fact that these celebrities have had such success losing weight while following the 5 Factor Diet shows that anyone with the will power to stick with this program should be able to lose weight as well.  Celebrities are often faced with the dire need to shed some extra weight in order to look good in their next role, and will only follow diet programs that actually work.

Will the 5 Factor Diet Help me Lose Weight?

In theory, the 5 Factor Diet should help anyone lose weight as it is promoting a balanced meal plan while forcing you to exercise on a regular basis.  These two ingredients are essential to losing weight no matter how you look at it.  Also, the added benefits associated with only eating foods that are on the low end of the glycemic index will further increase your chances of losing weight by forcing you to avoid foods that will spike your blood sugar.

One area where medical professionals are skeptical about the 5 Factor Diet is its supposed claim as a weight loss magic bullet.  Just because you follow a diet plan does not guarantee you will lose weight.  You need to strictly follow the diet program and ensure you are eating healthy, balanced meals while getting enough cardio exercise to help promote weight loss.

If you begin following the 5 Factor Diet with the mindset that you will need to put in a lot of hard work and not cheat yourself by still eating unhealthy foods, then this particular diet program should help you lose weight.  Where the 5 Factor Diet is very helpful in enabling people to lose weight is providing them with a useful guideline to keep them organized and focused on their weight loss goals.  By adding a bit of structure to your weight loss program, the 5 Factor Diet can be very helpful to those looking to shed a few extra pounds.

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