Best Ab Workouts For Women

As we all know, the stomach is the toughest part of the body for most people to slim and tone up. Women always want that tight tummy that they can show off at the beach, in the gym, or out on the town. However, not all women know exactly how to properly train their abs.

Focus On Abs, Not Obliques

First off, the majority of ab workouts should focus on the abs and not the obliques. If you work hard on your obliques, you might end up widening your mid section by building up your oblique muscles. Thus, when training your abs, focus on the abs and when you do oblique exercises, keep it light for toning.

It is suggested that women do mainly mat work for ab training so as not to risk bulking up the abs. One popular exercise is the bicycle. For those unfamiliar with it, you lay on your back and alternate between bringing your right knee to your chest and touching it with your left elbow, then doing the same with the left knee and right elbow. This will work the abs and tone of the side of the abs.

Other mat work includes crunches on the ground. You can also do crunches with your legs straight in the air to intensify the exercise. Next you have do lying leg lifts to work on your lower abs.

Another popular exercise is the roman chair. On the roman chair (or hanging from a pull up bar, if you have the core strength and balance) keep your hips back and lift your knees to your chest, or your feet parallel to the ground. To hit the obliques, you can bring your legs to the side instead of straight up.

Then you can use the exercise ball and do crunches on that. You can add a medicine ball held over your head to add resistance.

And of course there are planks and side planks. A few sets of planks can help tighten your core and can help build endurance in the ab muscles.

Then there are the machines. They do tend to have weights attached through cables. So, it is suggested that you use light weights and keep the rep count high to make sure you keep those abs nice, flat, and firm instead of bulking them out, UNLESS that is what you are looking for.

And, it should go without saying, but nutrition is very important. If you want a good-looking midsection, you need a balanced, steady diet that will not counter your hard work in the gym by adding fat to your belly.

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