Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Following a diet plan is a wonderful way to lose weight.  Diet plans provide the structure and discipline required to lose weight.  Many people fail to lose weight when on a diet because they deviate from the planned meals associated with the diet.  As long as you stick with the foods recommended with a diet plan and get some amount of exercise, you should have no problem losing weight when on a diet.

Many Different Types of Diet Plans

There are many different types of diet plans around these days including short term and long term diets.  Short term diet plans such as the 3 Day Diet, Raw Food Diet and 17 Day Diet focus on losing weight immediately.  These diet plans are designed for people looking to see results as soon as possible and not interested in changing their lifestyle.  Oftentimes, people who follow these diet plans will gain the weight they lose right back because they do not make the necessary changes to their lifestyle that promotes healthy living.  They will shock their system with a reduced amount of calories and increased exercise to drop weight quickly.

Long term diet plans such as the Jenny Craig Diet, South Beach Diet, and Weight Watchers Diet are designed to help people change their eating habits for the rest of their lives.  This change in eating habits will promote rapid weight loss as well as enable you to keep the weight off in the future.  Long term diet plans will introduce you to the right kinds of food you should be eating on a daily basis and show you how important it is to continue to eat these foods in order to maintain your ideal body weight.

Provides Variety

The best part about following a diet plan to help you lose weight is that you can switch back and forth between plans.  Typically, diet plans are broken down into smaller phases that have their own specific goal in helping your body lose weight.  Once you pass through the initial phases of a diet plan, you will usually enter a long term “maintenance” phase where you will continue to follow the rules of the diet from all of the previous phases.  Once you reach this final phase of a diet plan, you can switch over to a different diet plan for a bit of variety.

Almost all diet plans preach the same principals to their followers, which is cut out high calorie foods such as sweets and get more exercise.  Since almost all diet plans preach the same message, you can mix and match the meal plans from various diet plans once you reach their final phase.  This will provide you with a plethora of meal options and prevent fatigue with one diet.  Usually, dieters falter when they become bored with their food options following one plan.  If you add an influx of other meal ideas, you will have a nice variety of healthy meals to follow when looking to lose weight.

Provides Structure

Diet plans are also a great tool for losing weight because they provide structure in someone’s life to help them lose weight.  By providing dieters with a strict meal plan, diet plans lay out the foods you can and cannot eat.  Following a diet plan to the letter will ensure that you do not eat any unhealthy foods that will reduce your chances of losing weight.

Many diet plans will even provide you with a weekly meal plan, removing the need to come up with your own meal ideas.  This makes it extremely easy to plan your meals for the week as you can purchase all of the ingredients in one shopping trip to the grocery store.

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