Beyonce’s Weight Loss Plan

beyonce weight loss diet

Beyonce’s 22 Day Challenge and Other Techniques

Hollywood stars are held to a different standard when it comes to their body, particularly their weight at any given time. Beyonce, a well-known R&B performer, has never been out-of-shape at any point in her career. She elected to take on the 22 Day Vegan Challenge in order to lose as much weight as possible, and achieve a fitter and more impressive figure.

What is the 22 Day Challenge?

This pre-planned and pre-packaged meal plan lasts for three weeks and is predominantly plant-based. This program is based on the idea that it takes 21 days or three weeks to start a new habit.

For most people these days, that habit is making bad eating choices. All meals are delivered to you during the 21 day period, with each meal containing very few calories.

While the effects of this diet may vary, Beyonce admittedly lost more than 20 pounds and has maintained her physique since.

What to Expect

Set Meals

For 21 days, you will eat whatever is delivered to your doorstep, depending on which plan you choose.

There are three meal plans available in the program.

Plan 1 starts at $14.85, which includes 1 meal per day (either lunch or dinner), Plan 2 starts at $10.89 per meal at two meals per day, and Plan 3, which starts at $9.24 per meal at three squares a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

No Meat and Low Calorie Diet

This is strictly a plant-based vegan diet so you should not expect to get your protein from red meat or fish. For many people, this is a challenge.

However, those who tried the 22 day challenge and made it to the end of the program admitted to having successfully adjusted to eating no meat at all. Beyonce as well as husband Jay Z were originally avid carnivores.

When they both got on the 22 day vegan challenge, however, they made a more or less smooth transition to eating mostly fruits and vegetables for all their meals.

Since the body needs a steady source of protein, meat is properly substituted with a combination of nuts, lentils, legumes, and beans.

The meals are designed to not only provide enough energy but also enough protein so as to prevent loss of muscle mass. The goal is to force the body to tap into its fat reserves and burn as much calories as possible during the three weeks of strict diet.

The total amount of calories you will expect from the meals range from 1500 to 2000 calories (on average, an adult needs about 2500 calories daily).

Note: During the 22 day challenge, Beyonce admitted to having eaten meat a few times. It is difficult to determine whether this undermined her progress, given that she still lost over 20 pounds after 22 days but this is a good balance to consider if you decide upon the 22 Day Vegan Challenge for yourself – you don’t always have to follow the program 100%. Sometimes, very slight deviations like Beyonce made can still be very effective.

Snacks and Deserts:
Beyonce spoke about her experience, especially when it comes to snacking during the 22 day challenge. With this program, snacks come in the form of nutrition bars, while deserts are usually nuts or fruits or a combination of both. These are healthy snacks and desserts and luckily they can still taste amazing.

The impressive Beyonce weight loss was mainly due to the 22 day challenge, although the R&B star did try to workout when time permitted. Being on the road most of the time, especially when on tour or making a new album makes it almost impossible to maintain a regular workout routine. But anytime you can sneak in a workout if your schedule is inconsistent is still beneficial.

Other Fringe Benefits
Apart from the weight loss, Beyonce said her energy levels have also increased and her concentration has improved. She also feels a lot lighter especially in the midsection/core and thighs, which she admitted was her biggest problem in the past. Having the sensation of feeling lighter is very common when successfully completing “challenge” or 22 Day / 30 Day type of diets.

Beyonce’s Weight Loss with Detox Diet
Prior to trying the 22 day vegan challenge, Beyonce did the Lemon Detox Diet and lost a few pounds. However, she did gain all the weight back and then some, which prompted her to take a different tact.

Weight Loss Support and Giving Back
Beyonce sought the help of exercise physiologist Marco Borges to promote the 22 Day Challenge in order to raise more awareness about the program. Since she started with the program in 2013, she has never looked back as she was (and still is) able to maintain a much slimmer physique.

Can You Do it Too?
Set meal diets are all the rage these days because they take away a lot of variables such as having to plan your own meals. While the cost can quickly add up, the projected results are also quite impressive.

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