Jessica Alba Diet


Jessica Alba is an American actress, model and business owner (Honest Company). She has continuously been rated as one of the most beautiful women of the world.

When she gets into a bikini, she makes heads turn.

She has that incredible body that is the epitome of curves and sexy elegance, even after two pregnancies she manages to regain her red carpet figure in no time.

Jessica Alba says her dedication to a healthy diet is beyond weight loss and goes into her lifestyle. Here is what she actually does.

How Jessica Alba Lost Her Pregnancy Weight

After her second pregnancy, Jessica Alba wore double corsets day and night for three months to help her tummy get back in shape. She says it was not easy either but motiva6ade by her previous nice shape she had to get back the nice credits. Aside from the corsets she put on after giving birth, she spends her normal days working out and maintaining a diet. She exercises, eats a healthy diet, and drinks a lot of water.

The types of workouts she does

She has particular easy exercises to help blast the excess fat in her midriff after pregnancies in the shortest time possible. The importance of aerobic exercise in helping her burn down calories and shed off the fat cannot be understated. However does not go hard in the gym; her trainer has built a 3 in 1 workout program for her; aerobics like running in the treadmill, strength training like squats and planks, and core workouts like kick boxing. This is her main ways of burning calories. Her positive attitude inspired by the good reviews she gets fuels her through these workout patterns, changing the routine every day and keeping her body in nice shape.

She works out in the house for an hour five days a week

What she eats 

She emphasizes healthy eating habits as her way of life and not as a weight loss program. She prohibits processed foods on her menu. She indulges in wholesome snacks like green smoothies, blueberries, ginger celery, green apple, and spinach. She favors protein like Fish and lean meat, eggs, whole grains, flowered vegetables and dried fruit

White carbohydrates like rice and white bread are rich are a not part of her menu. She ascertains that cutting down on white carbohydrates speeds up weight loss. She avoids cakes, pastry, and white bread. She does not indulge in fizzy drinks, sodas, and alcohol. She says white carbs, sweet drinks, and fizzy drinks are saturated with sugars and are high in calories.

She does not skip meals, instead she tries to avoid over eating and during every meal she has been reported to finish only half of what she served on her plate. Not skipping a meal ensures that she does not starve, which would force one to overeat the next time they sit down to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal and she takes enough breakfast in the morning to prevent her from feeling hungry during the day.

What diet she is on

She starts her day with servings of fiber carbohydrates and lean protein such as oatmeal and egg whites. In her typical day, lunch is salad with 6 ounces of chicken breast or fish, dinner is 6 ounces of beef with a lot of vegetables and three small potatoes. Her meals are dominated by lean protein and she takes many fluids between meals to stay full.

The lots of water she drinks boosts metabolism for her body. This way she is able to burn down calories efficiently and attain a body shape that suggests her body is immune to calories. Aside from taking lots of water, she avoids sodium rich and fried foods.

How much weight she has lost

After pregnancy, she had to wait for three months before picking up on exercise. Nevertheless, she managed to lose a few pounds even during that time during that time by adhering to her special diet of high fiber foods. She favored lean meat such as, chicken, and fish. She made sure she never overate. She confesses that she grew 35 pounds during her pregnancy but after giving birth, she lost all that weight.

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