Rihanna’s Workout

Since her appearance at the Grammys, the world has been abuzz with talk about how good Rihanna looked.  The singer has always been known for her fit body, but many people did not realize just how great her body actually was until the Grammys.  Now that Rihanna is getting more attention for her figure, her fans are starting to wonder what her secret is for staying so fit.

It’s No Secret at All

Rihanna does not rely on some cray diet scheme or weight loss program to look so good.  Rather she follows a pretty simple exercise regimen that can be done in the comforts of your own home.  With the help of her trainer, ABC’s lifestyle show “The Revolution” co-host Harley Pasternak, Rihanna follows a simple exercise plan that literally anyone can do.

While on the road, Rihanna will squeeze in a minimum of three 25 minute workouts a week.  These workouts mainly consist of cardio exercises such as biking or cycling, jumping rope without a rope, stationary jogging, and jumping jacks.  Once Rihanna is settled in one place, she will increase her workout load to five days a week, with 30 minutes of cardio per day.

So Simple You Can Do It At Home

Rihanna’s workout is so simple you can do it at home.  With Rihanna focusing mostly on cardio exercises, there is no need for fancy, expensive machines.  If you have a bike, you can get your daily cardio exercise in by riding around your neighborhood.  Try to traverse as many hilly areas as possible to increase the difficulty and really get your heart pumping.  If you do not have access to a bicycle, you can still get in a good cardio workout at home.

One of Rihanna’s favorite exercises is jumping rope without a rope.  Simply hold your arms out at your side like you are holding a jump rope and continue to jump up and down as if you were jumping rope.  After several minutes of this exercise your heart rate is sure to be increased and your glutes tightened.  Another great way to get a cardio workout at home is stationary jogging.  You can turn on the television or radio to your favorite station to keep you entertained as you jog in place and get your blood flowing.  If you get bored jogging in once place, you can always move the exercise to your stairs and jog up and down those for a bit of variety.

While Rihanna certainly does have an enviable figure, it is not impossible to get a similar figure yourself.  Fitting in a minimum of three 25 minute cardio workouts per week will help get you on track to having Rhianna’s body, however, you should striver for five, 30 minute workout routines each week.  Something as simple as jumping jacks, jogging in place, or riding a bike can put you on the path to having Rihanna’s figure.

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