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Taylor Swift workout bodyTaylor Swift’s Diet is no secret!

Taylor Swift is naturally skinny but after watching her sing on stage with models from Victoria’s secret, her excellent physique shines even more. So the question is – exactly how does she manage this with such a busy schedule? In his article, you will find out the Taylor Swift diet.

General Principles

Taylor Swift’s diet does not focus on a specific type of food or ingredient. In fact, her routine is the kind that a dietician would recommend for a healthy lifestyle. Here are the general principles this singer follows:

Lots of Water

According to Swift, she focuses on drinking lots of water while staying away from sugary drinks. In an interview, she admits to drinking up to 10 bottles each day. Water is an excellent way to flush out the toxins in the body and keep all the organs hydrated and functioning properly. Few people realize just how crucial proper hydration is for daily life.

Light Meals

Six days in a week, Taylor likes to eat light and healthy meals – that’s it. There are no specific “magic food” items in her list, just well-prepared meals that would keep her going through the day. In an interview, the singer cites “salad, yogurt, and sandwiches” as part of her diet with a strong attention to portion control.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Taylor gives herself a cheat day at least once a week and splurges on Starbucks coffee. Specifically, she likes pumpkin spice latte and although this isn’t exactly her “secret” to weight loss, no doubt indulging in this guilty pleasure makes it easier for her to go through the rest of the week without cheating.

Taylor Swift Workout

Swift’s workout relies largely on cardiovascular workouts with the intent of sweating buckets. According to reports, her daily commitment is an hour of running on the treadmill, possibly with the goal of reaching maximum heart rate for a faster calorie burn. With long and lean legs, you can easily see that the 60-minute cardio is working well for her.

According to reports, Swift really loves to get all wet and sweaty – which is probably why she prefers the cardio workout. Getting sweaty means that your body is removing all the toxins inside, cleaning out the pores and resulting to a healthy glowing skin.

Other than the cardio however, Swift doesn’t seem to do anything else. Strength training is not part of her routine and based from her physique, she doesn’t really need it.

Pros and Cons of the Swift Diet

The Taylor Swift diet is featured in WebMD for the simple reason that it’s wonderfully healthy and well-balanced. Unlike other celebrities who follow certain diet fads, Swift is sticking to the basics with no real intent to be skinny but instead, be healthy with a good stamina.

Some of the pros of Swift’s diet include:

* Easy to follow – there aren’t really any food restrictions. Swift checks herself when it comes to sugary food items, giving herself the chance to indulge at least once a week.

* Preparation isn’t that hard. The artist seems to prefer basic food items without too much garnishing in them.

* The workout is simple yet incredibly useful. Cardio routines have long been proven to be efficient when it comes to burning fat. No need to buy extensive equipment – just good running shoes and an hour of your time each day.

* A healthy approach to maintaining proper weight – you’ll find that Swift’s diet does not come with any side effects

* Within a week of following this system, you’ll find yourself becoming more energetic.

* It isn’t really expensive – you’d expect a celebrity diet to cost you thousands but with proper planning, you’ll basically be spending the same amount for groceries.

Of course, some drawbacks can also be noted. For one thing, Swift started this diet as a skinny youngster which means that the system is mainly a “maintenance” technique. If you’re trying to lose weight, Swift’s diet and workout will also work with you but not lead to a quick weight loss in the same league as the Lemonade Diet

Should You Try This?

To wrap this up – yes, the Taylor Swift diet is definitely something you should try! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are – this is a technique that can be used by anyone. The balance of the diet as well as your complete control on the menu makes it applicable for anyone, even those who have existing health conditions.

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