Top 50 Beautiful Celebrity Beach Bodies [2017 Updated]

Just in time for summer 2016 we bring you the top 50 celebrity beach bodies.

This is a comprehensive photo gallery and list of the best looking bodies achieved through working out and healthy weight loss. Hopefully these celebrity bodies provide you the motivation to get in shape no matter what your goals are.

Getting healthier even in small steps is a huge accomplishment.

Without further ado, we bring you the most comprehensive gallery of the hottest, sexiest celebrity beach bodies.

#50: Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson starts off the list at number 50. Typically known for her natural facial beauty and acting skills, we were impressed with her recent weight loss workouts to get her body in beach bikini shape.

#49: Sylvie Van Der Vaart

49-sylvie-van der vaart

Sylvie is a Dutch television personality and model. She is probably the least known “celebrity” on this list and almost did not make the cut but we couldn’t deny the amazing fitness shape her body is in so she made this list at #49. If you’d like to know more about Sylvie you can read her wikipedia entry.

#48: Reese Witherspoon

48-reese-witherspoon bikini workout body

After three children Reese Witherspoon still has a rockin’ bikini body thanks to the hours she puts into working out at her home gym. Reese is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who doesn’t tout a fad diet nor spend an inordinate amount of time working out. She has a healthy workout plan that balances with her lifestyle to create a nice feminine physique.

#47: Denise Richards

47-denise-richards fit body

#46: Tori Spelling

46-tori-spelling body

Tori can’t seem to avoid the TMZ gossip press but you have to admit her body is still looking good. This 90’s Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell star is a keep fit mom of four with a can-do attitude. Known also for her bestselling autobiography of 2009, she has a bounce-back personality and post pregnancy body that amazes women over 40! Her not-so-secret and very controversial ‘Eat Air Diet’ to rapidly lose weight, combines with cardio workouts like swimming and kickboxing; allowing her to pull off any outfit she wears with the charming look that anyone would envy.

#45: Serena Williams

45-serena-williams fit body

No one rocks the muscular fit look better than Serena Williams. Her rock hard body looks great in a bikini, in the water, on the beach and on the tennis court.

#44: Beyonce


44-beyonce bikini body

Who doesn’t wanna have this famous booty? After leaving girl group, Destiny’s Child in 2004 her career as a solo artist skyrocketed. Keeping in touch with her curves, Beyonce Knowles empowers women of all ages, keeping it real and showing that you don’t have to be skinny to be sexy. This new mother has energy like no other! Her Zumba-like dance moves and body weight regimes keep her in physical and natural shape that fans idolize globally. Capable of making any style look and feel good, husband Jay-Z has his hands full when handling this Bootylicious jelly!

#43: Jessica Simpson

43-jessica-simpson bikini beach body

Few celebrities yo-yo in weight publicly as much as Jessica Simpson but she still clocks in at #43 on the top 50 list of celebrity bodies. Eight years ago she would have been a top 3 candidate and we’re sure she will get back there soon. You can read about Jessica’s workouts here.

#42: Megan Fox



Megan Fox’s  body has stayed slim and slender for years now. She’s been more private in recent years but when she makes her beach appearances with hubby Brian Austin Green her bikini body still looks great.

#41: Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler bikini body

Although Chelsea Handler talks about vodka frequently on TV, she actually takes her workouts seriously. She has a personal trainer and works out a few times per week. As far as her drinking goes she says, “I don’t drink as much as I should – or as much as people think I do”. And she goes on to say that she tries to abstain from alcohol during the week and lets herself do whatever she wants on weekends.

#40: Sofia Vergara


The Modern Family star says she started taking fitness seriously when she hit her 40’s a few years ago. She started “seeing a softeness eveerywhere on my body” and knew she had to do start cutting back on candy and start working out. Take a look at her beach body – she’s doing it right.

#39: Nicki Minaj



39-nicki-minaj beach body

Nicki Minaj has to balance having a beautiful voluptuous body with still looking good in a bikini. She’s so comfortable in her own body that she filmed one of her music videos for her hit song Starships on the beach in a swim suit. Take a look at that body…

#38: Miley Cyrus

38-miley-cyrus bikini body

Miley Cyrus has always had a nice, skinny physique and when summer comes around she adds a golden brown tan to it. The 5′ 5″ celebrity actress and singer does a lot of leg and ab exercises. For her eating, she sticks to a gluten and lactose free diet to stay slim.

#37: Rachel Bilson


Although Rachel Bilson can fix the awkward tan lines across her chest in this photo, we know she takes her workouts serious. She works out with personal trainer David Kirsch who has her on a workout plan that includes lunges, squats, light weights and cardio five days per week.

#36: Kyra Sedgwick


Kyra Sedgwick at age 49 looks AMAZING! Look at the muscular definition in her arms, shoulders, abs and legs. Kyra, married to Kevin Bacon, has raised two children and still has this amazing body. How does she do it? She has a healthy mix of yoga and light weight training to achieve this look.

#35: Taylor Swift

35-taylor-swift bikini body

Taylor Swift relies on lots of water (hydration is very important), light meals six days per week (with one cheat day where she can eat anything she likes) and lots of sweating while doing cardio at the gym. You can read about Taylor Swift’s diet here.

#34: Salma Hayak


Now approaching 50, (you wouldn’t believe it!) but this mature Latin James Bond beauty has the dream figure of age-defying perfection! Salma Hayek, Mexican-American award-winning actress renowned for her lead role in the 2002 movie Frida that she also co-produced; ditched the mono-brow to focus on a diet consisting of natural juicing and her daily routines of short training exercises prioritizing in strength-building to keep herself in impeccable shape. A woman of many talents who is even qualified as a yoga practitioner!

#33: Heidi Montag



Slender, tall and blonde at almost age 30 she still withstands the effortless college girl image of her role in The Hills with nothing but ease. Playboy cover girl Heidi Montag teamed up with Chad Waterbury to create a high-performance intense workout of weight lifting and power intervals to hurry along the results for the ideal athletic-model physique she wished to achieve for her seductive shoots; adding the required oomph to her simple skinny frame.

#32: Alessandra Ambrosio



Alessandra Ambrosio is the second international model featured on our list of Top 50. She is a Brazilian model and actress known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. If you think her body looks AMAZING you are correct. Her size measures in at 34-25-35 and is achieved through the “Brazilian Butt Lift” workout that involves using elastic bands, leg lifts, capoeira and ankle weights.

#31: Gisele Bundchen

31-gisele-bundchen beach body

Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen looks beyond fantastic to say she is in her mid 30’s. As a fashion supermodel for international brands Victoria Secret it is imperative to keep up appearances and definition in all areas, especially the legs and torso, as to extenuate each item she is hired to exhibit. Partnering with her supportive husband and father of their two children, Tom Brady, eating healthy and organic is incorporated into their busy daily lives; mainly eating vegetables and lean meats, cutting out sugar altogether and any foods containing additives.  Her exercise compiles aerobics and running with yoga and martial arts.

#30: Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson bikini body

Hats off to this lady for rocking a body like this at age 61. No-one can knock this woman, who has kept a steady and respectable figure throughout her entire career as a model and now coaching others to follow in her footsteps as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Although she has endured some plastic surgery, Janice Dickinson, Brooklyn born diva and mother of two, stays fabulous by refusing to eat anything but organic produce, sticking to a low-carb diet that includes fresh fish. Light exercise compliments her toned structure.

#29: Kristin Cavallari


Now married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Kristin Elizabeth Cutler, is a modestly young looking lady who stabilizes her innocent and sweet image through performing 60 second exercises such as squats and lunges in her home. Despite having already three beautiful children before the age of 30, television star of Laguna Beach uses the workout she created herself to adapt fitness in-between the jobs of being a mother! A true multi-tasking inspiration, who also swears by cooking with coconut oil.

#28: Kym Johnson


Professional ballroom dancer, Kym Johnson, certainly knows how to stay on her toes when it comes to keeping in shape! About to pass her 40th birthday, she is recently engaged to her Dancing with the Stars partner Robert Herjavec. The star has her own fitness DVD and book entitled 5678 Fitness where she demonstrates high energy dance routines to establish a fun full body workout accompanied by the 5678 Diet. Always on the move, in true Aussie style, she insists on snacking Vegemite.

#27: Janet Jackson



Knocking 50, all-time best-selling artist and sex symbol Janet Jackson, is fit as a fiddle! Famous across the globe, of course, she is busy . . . So how exactly does she manage to discipline her health? Nothing stops this energetic pop queen and MTV icon! Amongst making albums and selling millions of copies, she incorporates a balanced diet designed by her nutritionist David Allen. After previously battling weight issues, she consciously controls her food portions and works out with a personal trainer, Tony Martinez. Together they target her muscles and balance by using resistance balls.

#26: Jada Pinkett-Smith


Mid 40’s businesswoman Jada Pinkett-Smith (married to Will Smith); has it all going on both in her lifestyle and her figure! From appearing in action-packed movies like The Matrix Reloaded to songwriting to caring for her two kids, somehow this lady continues to have the bikini body everyone desires! Amidst her hectic lifestyle, she eats as she pleases but takes the time to nurture herself through yoga to keep her mind and body healthy. To have the best legs she insists on always opting to take the stairs.

We’re half way through the list. Enjoy the top 25 below!

#25: Ciara


It is no wonder Ciara kicks off the countdown from #25 with her cheerleading expertise brought forward from her teen years through to being age 30! This Texan carries herself flawlessly wherever she goes, be it the studio, catwalk or the dance hall. Her hit single 1,2 Step music video proves her powerful abilities to remain sculpted and sexy. Cutting out salt entirely from her diet and detoxing is her secret to looking fab.

#24: Michelle Keegan


British Soap star Michelle Keegan became more than just the average 28-year-old when she was ranked Sexiest Woman in the World 2015 by FHM magazine. She certainly has everything in all the right places with a stomach that most women can only dream of! Her advice? Be yourself! This down-to-earth chic doesn’t waste time obsessing over her weight and works out just three times per week! She may pull pints on Coronation Street but in reality her alcohol-free diet is what helps keep her slim.

#23: Kourtney Kardashian


LA’s own Kourtney Kardashian certainly is ‘keeping up’ her appearances when it comes to flaunting her outstanding abs. Reality TV star and foxy mother of three, finds time to attend Don-A-Matrix sessions with her sister who generates their motivation. Kourtney, about to turn 37, had no trouble when ridding those unwanted love handles with this power interval regime! Drinking protein shakes and eating sensibly combined with exercise means she can indulge her sweet tooth on the odd occasion.

#22: Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran bikini beach body


The ‘girl-next-door’ Karrueche Tran doesn’t look a day over 21 – no surprise that she turned from celebrity stylist to cover girl! 28 this year, she packs a complexion so natural and a body so petite that we were all wondering what she was playing at when she dated renowned bad boy R&B artist Chris Brown. This girl enjoys boxing to keep fit and a workout named TRX which is suspension oriented. She eats lean meats and salads as she (unlike most) is trying to gain weight.

#21: Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn bikini body

This bombshell originally from Oklahoma has the ideal female structure as well as the brains to match! Olivia Munn now 35, crams Pilates into her weekly routine when she finds the time to peel herself away from shooting with heartthrobs like the gorgeous Johnny Depp (Mortdecai 2015). By drinking water before meals she reduces the appetite to eat more than necessary – the foods she does consume are always wholesome, healthy and clean.

#20: Katherine Webb


Pageant queen Katherine Webb has been crowned the winner and titled Miss Alabama of 2012 and ranked into the top 10 for Miss USA 2012. Mid 20’s she understands the importance of her status and partakes in competitive sports like cheerleading to maintain her athletic and flexible form. Keeping check on her calories she survives her days with smoothies and fruit snacks cutting out any ingredients that include sugar while simultaneously avoiding bread.

#19: Jennifer Lopez


Hispanic American mother of twins; J.Lo is a strong woman with 46 years and not a single belly fold or bottom dimple in sight! What is her secret to glowing skin and avoiding cellulite? She keeps herself intact by eating strictly vegan. It is crucial to make sure that she doesn’t burn out by being overworked, so by religiously sleeping 8 hours per night and having a fitness plan designed to use props like chairs and allowing floor work as to ensure not affect her endurance for performances. This bilingual beauty is known to entwine Puerto Rican background with her Bronx upbringing with the hit album, This Is Me… Then.

#18: Jessica Alba



Not only is Jessica Alba a phenomenon in the movie industry, but she is also a role model parent with her own line of natural baby products at The Honest Company. Now almost turning 35, she still looks as good as she did in Sin City over ten years ago! How does one abstain the body of an angel? Surfing helps to maintain the ultimate beach body that she showed off in her movie Into The Blue and relying on regular 40-minute workouts focusing on core strength. She commits to eating healthy and organic as opposed to obsessing over a particular diet.

#17: Brooklyn Decker


Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker from Ohio, has a responsibility to keep herself in shape for her career. As a new mother at age 28; she depends on her fat-burning workouts to maintain her image for the camera. Her sporty lifestyle involves kayaking and lots of running – it sure helps her inspiration being the wife of athlete Andy Roddick! This woman enjoys the great outdoors and instead of going to the gym to use a treadmill, she adopted a dog to give her not only love but the excuse to get up and go; snacking on raw veggies, nut and fruit as her days go by!

#16: Jennifer Aniston


The woman who doesn’t age! Our beloved natural LA sweetheart Jennifer Aniston known as Rachel in the hit comedy sitcom Friends doesn’t seem to have had a single bad-hair day or any type of weight issues throughout her 47 years of life! Jealous? Don’t be! The secret to her success is always eating healthy clean foods and attending Budokon martial arts classes and Pilates. By incorporating meditation into her life, Jen has a spiritual and calm approach to staying in shape. She recently married and moved in with her new hubby, Justin Theroux.

#15: Kelly Ripa


Talk show host of Live! Kelly Ripa claims that switching to high-alkaline diet transformed her life! Cleansing her system has really helped her to stay stunning for her age, 45. This yummy mummy of three has no shame in wearing backless dresses or showing off her fantastic muscle tone in her arms and legs. The key to her never ending progress and constantly flat stomach is mixing it up – sometimes she endures a high weight low reps session and others she switches to low weight high reps. Simple!

#14: Miranda Kerr

14-miranda-kerr fit beach body

Porcelain Princess Miranda Kerr, born in Sydney Australia looks like the perfect lady when she steps on and off her photo shoots for Victoria Secret campaigns. Passing on her great looks to the son she shares with Orlando Bloom, she is 32 years of age, and not one imperfection bears her skin or her body! Perhaps it’s the natural skincare line that she founded: KORA Organics? This model claims running is essential and dedicates to 75-minute workouts three times a week lifting weights to her chest to keep her breasts pert. She sticks to non-salted boiled or steamed veggies as a rule.

#13: Halle Berry


Academy Award winner for best actress 2002, Halle Berry remains the only ‘woman of color’ to have received such a privilege. Turning the big 5-0 this year, she has a body worth celebrating! Since playing Jinx in the James Bond movie Die Another Day she has the memorable body that she has stood by ever since despite her suffering from type 2 diabetes. This exotic LA icon is a self-admitted fitness freak, who works out with her trainer regularly between being a dedicated mother of her two children.

#12: Rihanna

12-rihanna fit beach body

Let’s face it – Rihanna is a Caribbean Queen! In her late 20’s and already she has achieved so much being worth over $160 million! This foxy lady relies upon her sex-appeal as much as her musical talents, with records like S&M reaching the number one spot upon release. Ri’s personal trainer is on call and to maintain her pride in her voluptuous behind she will work out even when on tour and it is late at night! Meanwhile, she follows the all-famous 5 Factor diet (eating five small meals per day consisting of 5 ingredients) that allows her to eat whatever she likes on her ‘cheat day’.

#11: Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene fit beach body

With elegant long legs, this lady is a vamp! Ashley Greene 28, also known as Alice Cullen of the Twilight series, has a dark and captivating presence! Is her diet as mysterious as she? The answer is no! Being from Florida, seafood and sushi is her ultimate comfort food, opting for drinking a glass of wine over blood (in the real world), this divine creature does, in fact, care to indulge on occasions. Through practicing Pilates, she can cure her back-pain and gain strength to attend the gym six days a week!

#10: Kim Kardashian


Known for her outrageously risky outfits, over the top plastic surgery and marrying Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has no shame at 35, (despite being a mother of 2), to flaunt everything she has! Her LA lavish lifestyle and vanity has lead to her having recently published a book containing all her favorite selfies, entitled ‘Selfish’. She embraces her curvaceous physique and poses semi-nude to nude, without qualms. Comfortable in her own skin, she upkeeps with her hourglass figure through circuit training and follows the Atkins diet.

You’ve made it to the top 9 sexiest celebrity beach bodies…

#9: Jessica Biel


Minnesota’s actress, wife of Justin Timberlake and hot momma to his son Silas; Jessica Biel is a lucky 34-year-old, living a life that most girls have fantasized over. Rated ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ by Esquire; with upper body strength, she has definition in her arms that defy the existence of (every woman’s pet hate): Bingo wings. Militantly performing pushups on a day-to-day basis with intervals of planking, this determined lady would give anyone in an arm wrestle a run for their money. Not only considering her weight she thinks a lot about her skin and eats fermented veggies while sipping green tea.

#8: Cameron Diaz


Even in her mid 40’s, there is still Something About San Diego’s Cameron Diaz! Since playing the lead role of high school sweetheart in There’s Something About Mary this gifted woman has had a lot to live up to. Her body screams femininity and the behind the scenes regime is to thank. . . To preserve her magnificent pins she braves plenty of leg exercises such as squats, calf raises and a tremendous amount of jogging; then she gets adventurous with jet skiing and paddle boarding. She has a long term trustworthy fitness coach who brings out the best of all her assets.

#7: Selena Gomez


Current girlfriend of Justin Bieber, Young Selena Gomez is still bursting with energy as she bounces into her 24th year. Her career started early as a child star of Barney & Friends and has now blossomed onto bigger and better things! Born and raised in Texas, she has Mexican genes that shine through her sun kissed skin. Her diet has not always been so healthy when she was hospitalized recently due to food poisoning. She has allergies and is lactose intolerant and so drinks almond milk as to avoid dairy products. Her workouts are usually rhythmic, based around dance and she loves ballet.

#6: Joanna Krupa



Polish-born Real Housewife of Miami, Joanna Krupa, has the body of a goddess! Slim, toned, with a tummy so flat you could iron your husband’s shirt on there! 36 years and packed full of energy, she remains young and fresh looking through hard work and with a passion for dance. Having great genes means she does not have to work out, saving going to the gym as a luxury leisure when there is time to spare from her busy schedule – (alright for some!) These days she is much more sensible with her diet as before she was known for skipping meals. She starts her day with a light breakfast and super food Acai drinks.

#5: Mel B


Former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown from Leeds England, is looking anything but ‘Scary’ at 40! Putting her previous co-worker to shame Mel C, this woman has the taut, sporty physique to die for! Proud mother of three: she sets an outstanding example to her daughters and regularly hits the gym with her eldest, Phoenix Chi, age 17. Together, they attend weekly Soul Cycle classes to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

#4: Kate Upton




Young, yet very mature lady, Kate Upton (23); is the daughter of Texas tennis champ and high school director of athletics – so, it’s no surprise that she follow in her parents footsteps at keeping fit! Her superb figure has bagged her modeling gigs for the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines. Skipping, kickboxing and a Blood Type Diet all influenced by her personal trainer Justin Geband are what help her to continue to be the eye-catching curvy woman whom everyone aspires to imitate.

#3: Bethenny Frankel


New York’s Skinnygirl author and self-help advisor, Bethenny Frankel, makes being thin seem easy as making a masterpiece out of drawing stick-men! Mother of her 6-year-old daughter, entrepreneur, chef, and TV personality; in her mid 40’s, this incredible woman shows there is no rest for the wicked! 15-minute power yoga sessions not only assist in calming her but are the trick to maintaining a healthy posture and lean figure. Aside from making and drinking cocktails, she shares nutritious diet advice in her books with recipes on how to cook spinach and feta turkey burgers!

#2: Audrina Patridge


Bang on 30, Audrina Patridge dazzles fans and co-stars of The Hills with her year-round California beach-bod! Whether blonde or brunette, her style rocks complimenting her shape and sexy shoulders, she sure does stand out from the crowd. A next-level new mother with her pro motorcyclist and dirt bike BMXer fiancé, she knows how to strut her stuff. TRX programs and volleyball are her pastimes! As a fruit fanatic she boasts eating apples over chocolate any day.



Leann Rimes

Admirable Coyote Ugly star and pop singer, LeAnn Rimes, still looks as though butter wouldn’t melt at 34-years-of-age. She has had her share of personal affairs that have made headlines, but it is her down-to-earth personality that captures the hearts of followers. A sufferer of autoimmune disease, yet this does not impose her ability to maintain her killer figure! With a mixture of boxing exercises and a predominantly vegan diet, the rewards are more than obvious.  Originally from Jackson Mississippi, she is a conscious individual that actively thinks about what she puts into her body proves that this method pays off. A round of applause for this woman, who doesn’t let anything stand in the way when it comes to taking great care of herself!


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