Tyra Banks Diet

Tyra Banks diet planTyra Banks can be added to the growing list of celebrities who have lost a substantial amount of weight thanks to their strict diets.  The television talk show host and former runway model lost 30 pounds when she took her dieting seriously and started exercising on a regular basis at the direction of her doctor.  Now, Banks is in the best shape of her post-modeling life and is looking to help others achieve their weight loss goals.

How Tyra Lost Her Weight

While some diet programs can be complicated and difficult to complete, Tyra Banks took a more subtle approach to her dieting plan.  The first thing Banks did when she wanted to lose weight was to cut out all of the unhealthy food she was eating.  Banks started to eat more healthy, fresh, whole and delicious foods such as mangoes and papayas, two of her favorite fruits, as well as salads with grilled shrimp.

Tyra’s main goal was to eat low-carb foods that she actually enjoys eating.  By incorporating her favorite healthy foods into her daily meals, Banks was able to stick with her diet plan and actually enjoy what she was eating.  This strategy led Tyra to eating a lot of soups, as they are low in calories but full of nutrients.  Tyra teamed up with Heather Bauer, her personal chef, and explored many of the recipes contained in the book, “400 Best-Ever Soups.”  This cookbook provided Tyra and her chef plenty of fun, exciting recipes to enjoy.

In addition to eating right, Tyra ramped up her workout regimen as well to include at least one hour of cardio each day.  Banks typically got her cardio work out in by running on a treadmill or simply walking outside.   Exercise is even more important than the foods that you eat while dieting and trying to lose weight.  The amount of exercise Tyra did each day certainly helped accelerate her weight loss program.

How You Can Lose Weight Too Following The Tyra Banks Diet

Tyra Banks weight lossThe best part about the Tyra Banks diet is that anyone can follow it and lose weight as well.  The principles surrounding this weight loss program are very simple.  As long as you eat healthy and get some exercise, you should be able to lose weight.  This is the main focus of the Tyra Banks diet, which is why she was so successful in losing 30 pounds.

The biggest secret you need to follow when looking to lose weight just like Tyra Banks is that you need to select healthy foods for your meals that you actually enjoy eating.  If you truly enjoy eating the food that you prepare, dieting will not feel like work.  When you actually look forward to the healthy meals you are preparing, it will be as if you are not dieting at all.

Finding extra motivation is the best way to ensure you work out every day like Tyra Banks suggests.  Cardio exercises are certainly not very fun, but you need to be focused on your main goal of losing weight.  If you know that every time you go to the gym to work out you are one step closer to your weight loss goal, you will be much more motivated to get your work out in so you can start seeing results.  As long as you stick to Tyra Banks’ suggestion of one hour of cardio exercise per day, you will see the excess weight disappear in no time.

Is The Tyra Banks Diet Safe?

The Tyra Banks diet plan is one of the safest diet programs you could follow.  Many other celebrity diets utilize unhealthy weight loss techniques such as severe portion control and extreme workout regimens, which are not ideal when looking to lose weight and keep it off.  The Tyra Banks diet plan is more of a lifestyle change than lose weight quick fad.  By transforming your entire meal plan into a low carb diet and adding in a healthy amount of exercise each week, you will lead a very healthy life.  It is because the Tyra Banks diet plan promotes such a healthy lifestyle that is so effective and safe for anyone to do.

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