Vegan Diet

Some people say a Vegan Diet is one of the most difficult diets in the world. Vegans are like vegetarians and then some.

Vegans do not eat any meat, any poultry, or any fish just like vegetarians. Also, they do not eat or use anything that comes from animals, including eggs, dairy, honey, or even clothing such as leather, silk, and wool.  There are even forms of make up with animal products  that vegans refuse to use.

Why Become Vegan?

Some people start vegan diets for the sake of animal rights. They know that animals are raised just to be killed to serve the purpose of becoming food. Other animals are kept in cruel conditions just to have their eggs taken.

Others do it for their own health. To stay away from animal products means to stay away from all of the chemicals that are put in the foods and in some cases injected into the animals for the purpose of making them produce more eggs and grow larger to make more food.

What Do Vegans Eat?

Most vegans tend to eat fruits, veggies, tons of greens, whole grain foods, various nuts, and various seeds.

Some people ask where vegans get their protein. The answer is they get it from foods like tofu, peas, peanut butter, soy milk, almonds, spinach, potatoes, lentils, and many more. Most all foods have at least some protein.

Most of these foods include very little saturated fat and essentially no cholesterol. There are a few foods that do have fats like peanut butter, oils, and avocado, but most of the foods vegans eat do not.

Most importantly, vegans are still able to get all of the nutrients they need through their foods.

Because of the lack of high fat foods in their diets, vegans tend to have much less risk of heart problems and are thus likely to be healthier in older age.

To begin a vegan diet is not difficult. Chances are if you’re serious about becoming a vegan, you’re probably already a vegetarian or at the very least have strong beliefs for animal rights and the environment, in addition to your health.

You can buy one of many books on vegan diets that have recipes and diet plans in them. With that, you can easily have the blueprint for what to do in front of you.

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