Baby Food Diet

baby food dietThe Baby Food Diet is a recent weight loss trend growing in popularity. Buzz for the diet surfaced ever since there were reports claiming Jennifer Aniston chose the Baby Food Diet to shed a few extra pounds recently. Other rumored Hollywood celebrities on the Baby Food Diet are Lady Gaga, Marcia Cross and Reese Witherspoon, however none of them have publicly admitted to the diet. Although it’s safe to say not many celebrities would make such an admission.

The main premise of this diet is to replace high calorie foods with small portion jars of baby food throughout the day.  While you are still getting all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy, you are able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary calories while on this diet.

How does it Work?

There are several different variations of the Baby Food Diet you can use to help you lose weight.

One plan calls for eating 14 jars of baby food throughout the day while mixing in a healthy, regular dinner while another variation calls for eating three low calorie, well-balanced meals while substituting high calorie snacks with baby food.

Whichever variation you decide is right for you, it is important that you remove any high calorie foods from your diet and replace them with baby food.  This will allow you to lose weight will still maintaining a healthy diet and getting all of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Is the Baby Food Diet Right For You?

Before you decide to start the Baby Food Diet, you need to be honest with yourself and decide whether or not you have the discipline required to stick with this diet.  While many nutrition experts feel this diet will work in theory, most do not think the average adult will be able to stick to a diet consisting of mainly baby food for more than a few days.

One of the reasons why these experts do not feel the Baby Food Diet will be a diet plan that sticks around for a long time is the fact that adults receive a lot of psychological benefits when they chew their food.  These benefits include feelings of fullness and satiety.  When you eat only pureed baby food, you will not get these feelings and may actually feel hungrier than when you started eating, which could lead to overeating the baby food and reducing your chances of losing weight.

In theory, the Baby Food Diet should help you lose weight as it eliminates high calorie foods from your daily diet.  However, if you know that you will not be able to stick to eating only baby food whenever you want a snack, it is best to find a different diet that meets your needs.

On the other hand, if you are a strong willed person with a lot of self-discipline, the Baby Food Diet may be your secret to weight loss.

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