How Reese Witherspoon Stays Fit Without Fad Diets and Strict Exercise Plans


Reese Witherspoon, an American actress who played starring roles in popular movies such as Legally Blonde and Water for Elephants, among many others, is a major fitness role model.

She is 40 years old and a mother of three children, but she maintains a petite figure and a toned and muscular body by following a healthy and active lifestyle rather than a strict diet and exercise plan.

Reese Witherspoon Eats Clean

Unlike many other Hollywood celebrities, who use fasts, cleanses, and special fad diets to lose weight and stay healthy, Reese Witherspoon tries to avoid gimmicky diets at all costs. Instead, she believes that a healthier way to live is to eat as much fresh, unprocessed food as possible and she tries to apply that belief to her own daily life by incorporating healthy, clean foods into her regular diet. Reese also emphasizes moderation and consistency into her diet. She does not force herself to stay away from all junk food and unhealthy treats, but instead tries to only indulge in them occasionally. Furthermore, she always eats breakfast and treats herself to a smoothie or a light snack after every work out to keep her energy levels high throughout the day. Overall, Reese Witherspoon does not adhere to a specific diet and instead opts to keep herself healthy and energized by eating light, clean foods that will not weigh her down during her busy days.

She’s Passionate About Exercise

One of the main ways Reese Witherspoon remains healthy and fit is by maintaining an extremely active lifestyle. However, like her principle to stay away from unhealthy and inefficient fad diets, Reese also likes to keep her exercise plan loose yet consistent and does not adhere to crash exercise plans. Reese Witherspoon has found that exercising by doing something active that she enjoys is one of the best ways to motivate herself to work out and stick to an exercise plan. Running is one of her passions, so she capitalizes on her intense cardio hobby by running three miles every day to tone her legs and increase her cardio fitness. Reese also enjoys hiking, which she uses as a cardio alternative on days when she does not feel up to an activity as intense as running several miles. When she wants to cool down completely but still keep her body moving, Reese participates in yoga and Pilates to promote relaxation in her busy life. Although yoga and Pilates is a more relaxing type of work out than her standard cardio routine, Reese swears by these two holistic activities as great ways to tone her whole body as well as lose weight through simple stretching routines mixed with light strength training and cardio. When she isn’t taking cardio and strength training into her own hands through a run or yoga, she also goes to the gym and enlists the help of a personal trainer there to help keep her motivated and advise her on the most effective work outs and exercise routines to do while she is there.

Reese Witherspoon Makes Work Outs Fun

Along with spending most of her exercise time doing something active that she is passionate about, Reese Witherspoon motivates herself to exercise and makes her work outs more enjoyable with several easy distractions. First off, she always opts to listen to music while she exercises in order to keep her energy up and provide herself with entertainment while she is running or doing strength training. Also, Reese tries to pair up with a friend to exercise as often as possible. She attends yoga classes in order to be around people while she works out, and she often takes her friends and family members on hikes or runs with her. By inviting the people she is close with to spend time exercising with her, Reese motivates herself to exercise by making it a fun and sociable activity for everyone involved. The most effective component of Reese Witherspoon’s exercise regimen is that she works out every day and always mixes up her routine. Regardless of whether she chooses to run multiple miles, hike a mountain trail, or go to her favorite afternoon Pilates class, she makes a sincere effort to get up and be active in some way each and every day.

Reese Witherspoon takes a very holistic approach to dieting and exercising. Rather than try to take advantage of “get skinny quick” crash diet and exercise plans, she keeps herself healthy and fit by consistently living an active and wholesome lifestyle that she can enjoy.

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