Katy Perry’s Diet and Workouts


Katy Perry is one of the greatest pop star of our time. She is well admired and cherished by many of her fans.

Fans not only enjoy her flamboyant appearances with enough energy for every show but also for her amazing body.

But how does she maintain such an incredible figure? What secrets does she use to keep her body fabulous?

Katy’s great figure has been achieved by taking great care of her diet and engaging in exercises to keep fit. She knows very well that jumping on stage and singing is not enough. She maintains her great shape by eating right and exercising. Katy also enjoys meditation.

In her New Year’s show in Las Vegas, Katy Perry was seen to be very careful in choosing what to eat before and after the show.

Her trainer, Harley Pasternak was quoted by Hello Magazine saying that Katy requested the healthiest foods available. Her dishes are mainly composed of:

  • Fresh vegetables such as spinach
  • Fresh organic grown fruits such as pineapples
  • Low-fat meals, with emphasis on the healthy fats
  • A vegetable rich dinner with addition of couscous
  • Healthy granola for breakfast

You will also find her enjoying fresh juices, tangerines, coconut water instead of junk food.

Katy confesses that it is hard to eat a balanced meal all the time, but she does her best to ensure a strict diet for a healthy body. “I cannot imagine myself getting sick due to poor eating habits.” That was her statement to Hello Magazine synthroid tablets. Her habit of eating healthy foods such as those described above has given her high energy for her shows while still keeping her body in a perfect shape.

Katy indulges herself in the popular Pasternak’s 5-factor diet to maintain a healthy body.

This diet involves eating small meals five times a day. The theory behind this diet is to keep the body metabolism in a steady state so that you can lose as many calories as you take them. The program is now popular among people who are serious about losing excessive weight.

The diet also encourages her to eat a lot of vitamins and nutrient rich food.

The foods listed in the program, are well known to boost immunity, and this helps her to avoid getting sick. When she craves for high-fat foods, she makes sure to look for a healthier alternative. The alternatives are mainly foods that have flavors similar to the craving but with no excess fats. Pasternak’s Five Factor Diet has a single cheat day in every week where she satisfies her earlier cravings.

In all of Katy Perry’s tours she emphasizes the need to stay healthy. On her road trips, she takes light soup, grilled chicken, and some quinoa.

She never forgets her daily vitamins and the need to keep herself hydrated. For snacks, she avoids the desserts and picks veggies and hummus. She also ensures that she reduces alcohol intake and fatty foods.

During her major performances, for example, the California Dreams tour, Katy had to change her habits to prepare for the events. She took a special meal plan that would transform her body and give her energy for the tour. She believed that she must be at her best when meeting her fans. In one of the interviews, she commented on how looking good was important to her. “Am training hard as if am preparing for the Olympics.” That was her statement.

Her exercise routines are well planned. She describes her ideal day as that which she wakes up early for scheduled workout. She values fresh air. You will rarely find her in the gym; her exercises are mainly outdoor.

Katy follows exercises designed by Harley Pasternak. These exercises include:

Her exercises are normally carried out five days a week. She rests for only two days a week.

Perry loves jumping ropes. It is one of her favorite exercises. This is an exercise that can be carried out anywhere and it’s very effective in boosting her metabolism.

Her routine exercises are mainly short but high intensive workouts. They mainly include hip thrusts and lunges. She also goes for hiking to refresh her mind. To her cycling is fun and she does not consider it an exercise. Sometimes she just goes bicycling up and down to boost her confidence. After the bicycling sessions, she feels fully energized. Bicycling is also another great way of boosting metabolism, and promoting a healthy body.

It is out of these strict dietary measures and her love for exercise that makes her have a unique sexy body that we all love. Her abs are always flat and her weight properly maintained. At one point she weighed 145 pounds, but today she is only 130 pounds. Today she is very comfortable in the maintenance of her fit physique.


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