The Secret Behind Zooey Deschanel’s Diet


We all know Zooey Deschanel. She is one of the more beautiful, talented and intelligent artists of our time.

She has been a songwriter and television actress; plus web entrepreneur with her best friend Sophia Rossi. Her amazing voice and outlook are unique and engaging. Zooey understands that she must take great care of herself and does so diligently.

One of the things she prioritizes is taking care of her great body to remain beautiful. At 36 years old, her body is  amazing and we want to share with you some of her secrets of keeping a perfect shape.

Zooey’s Regular Diet

Zooey confesses that she is not a vegan like her older sister, Emily Deschanel. Zooey has several food sensitivities that limit her from becoming vegan. Her meals are always well prepared to ensure a proportionate mix of carbohydrates, healthy fats, vegetables and lean proteins.

Does She Cook?

Yes, she does. Zooey’s love of cooking is commonly known. She organizes dinner party in her house where she serves self-cooked delicious meals.

Some of her best meals include a quinoa spaghetti that she serves with pesto and zucchini. In all of her cooking, she goes for the most nutritious ingredients.

For example, you will find her using nutrient rich hemp seeds instead of pine nuts. A healthy and nutritious soup (green summer soup) is another regular discovery at her house. This soup is effective in keeping her full and reducing her craving for food.

Eating Schedule – Avoid Snacking

Zooey prefers taking three full meals a day over snacking all the time. She believes that regular snacking reduces appetite for food. She confesses that sometimes she is tempted to snack, but she avoids the urge by taking fresh fruits. She also keeps chocolate in her refrigerator without eating them to satisfy her cravings. She reports that when food is available, she is able to remain satisfied even without taking it. This takes some will-power if you ask me.

Zooey On Stage

Zooey’s life demands her to eat healthily synthroid tablets 100mg. She eats only enough to keep her energetic while performing. She cannot eat too much before a performance as this would make her uncomfortable on stage. This consideration has strongly contributed to her healthy lifestyle.

Her Discipline

Zooey understands that she needs to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. She ensures that she eats healthy foods at all times. Even when she is touring various places, she organizes a perfect diet that won’t disrupt her healthy and balanced meal planning.

She carries wholesome snacks with her during her tour. Some of the snacks you will always find in her bag include nuts, lean meat, fruits and fresh vegetables.

Whatever the city she visits, she will go looking for a store with fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also rare to find her going out after performances, and this helps her in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and Fitness Workouts

For a healthy body, Zooey understands the need to eat well and exercise. She is involved in a variety of exercises like running, cycling and hiking.

These are some of the exercises that are very effective in burning calories. She has been practicing tap dances for over six years now. The tap dances are good cardio workouts.

Zooey ensures that she exercises one hour, six days a week.

When she is at home in Los Angeles, she enjoys the outdoor exercises. So you will rarely find her in the gym, but instead she’ll be outdoors training. She exercises with her friends who help her remain motivated and train hard.

A good example is the Hula hoop exercise. With her friends, she can Hula for one hour continuously. This exercise burns seven calories every minute translating to a loss of 420 calories each hour. This is one of her secrets to burning her extra calories.

These strenuous exercises detoxify her body and make it strong. Zooey does not just exercise to have a healthy looking body; she understands the need for these exercises in boosting her overall health. Her advice to those failing in their exercises is simply – avoid doing it for a perfect body shape.

Exercises are always boring and monotonous to those who just have a dream of acquiring a slender figure. She terms healthy diet and exercises as the best way to ensure good health for our bodies and living a healthy lifestyle. You will never find her quitting her exercise routines. She promises to remain vibrant as this is the only long-term solution for her good health. Zooey, the New Girl star, will continue shining with a perfect shape due to her disciplined diet and regular exercises.

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