Jennifer Hudson Diet

Best known for her singing voice, Jennifer Hudson is also making headlines thanks to her dramatic weight loss.  It is reported Hudson shed 80 lbs! Now a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, Jennifer has amazed the world with her ability to lose weight.  While she has never publicly said how much weight she has lost, experts believe Hudson may have lost up to seventy pounds simply by changing her eating habits and lifestyle synthroid tablets online.

What it is the Jennifer Hudson Diet?

The biggest factor in Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic weight loss was the change she made to her daily diet.  By reducing the amount of junk food, sugar, and fatty foods she ate, Jennifer was able to lose a lot of weight.  Now Jennifer follows the Weight Watchers program which promotes a healthy, balanced diet.  Eating three healthy meals a day and watching the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis is the best way to keep your weight in check.  When you add in daily exercise, you will see the results you have been looking for.

Aside from her daily diet, the biggest change Jennifer made was in her daily routine.  Knowing that proper exercise is a great way to lose weight, Jennifer hired a trainer, Harley Pasternak, to help with her weight loss.  Pasternak designed a simple five step program to help encourage a more active lifestyle for Hudson.  Pasternak’s workout program consists of five steps that are each five minutes long.

  • Phase One: Warm-up Cardio – Can be light jogging, marching, jumping jacks, boxing
  • Phase Two: Upper Body – Push Ups, Weight Training
  • Phase Three: Lower Body – Squats, Lunges
  • Phase Four: Abs – Focus on all areas of your abs not just crunches
  • Phase Five: Cool-down Cardio – Jogging, Playing your favorite sport

By incorporating these simple exercises into her daily routine, Jennifer Hudson was able to lose weight immediately.  Once she saw how successful this diet plan could be, Hudson’s motivation peaked and she has never looked back.

Easy to Follow

For people looking to lose weight, the Jennifer Hudson diet may be just the diet plan they have been seeking.  Changing your daily diet is the first step you need to take when looking to follow this diet plan.  While it is recommended that you join the Weight Watchers program to stay motivated, you can easily find Weight Watchers recipes online to plan your meals.

Incorporating the five exercises into your daily routine is also pretty easy to do.  Since the exercises are pretty basic, you do not even need to join a gym.  You can simply purchase a few free weights and use those for the upper body and lower body workouts.  Making sure to incorporate a cardio workout on a daily basis is the most important step to remember when trying to lose weight following the Jennifer Hudson diet.

Like many other diet plans, the Jennifer Hudson diet preaches healthy meals and regular exercise.  Using the Weight Watchers meal plan and Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak’s workout program will help you lose weight in no time just like Jennifer Hudson.

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